Hearing in a
Distanced World

Are you having trouble staying connected with those you love? Discover how hearing aids with advanced technology can help bridge the gap between you and those you care about.

Delivery of Care

Whether you’re behind a screen or six feet away, hearing difficulties have reached a whole new level thanks to social distancing. While the ways we communicate have been altered, there are still solutions available for those with hearing loss. Our level of commitment and care has not wavered during these difficult times. Sound Decision Hearing is making it easy to navigate hearing problems during a pandemic by offering personalized care and assistance, both within your home and from our Norfolk office.

Stay Connected During a Pandemic with Advanced Hearing Aid Technology


Many of us are resorting to video chat apps, such as Zoom, to stay in touch with friends, family, and colleagues. Bluetooth connectivity helps you connect to your devices to optimize your experience.


Background noise was an issue before social distancing. Adding six feet of distance and mask use has only added to the problem. Our hearing aid technology maximizes speech so you don’t miss a word.


With helpful apps, you can share information, such as your physical activities, hearing aid usage, and social engagement with certain individuals. Your family can rest assured knowing you are thriving during stressful times.

Not Yet Diagnosed with Hearing Loss?

The impact of social distancing is revealing hidden and undiagnosed hearing loss in individuals all over the country. If you have recently started to experience hearing issues, Sound Decision can help improve communication between yourself and those you love.

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