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Our Staff

Nicole Sucha, HIS

Hearing Instrument Specialist

Nicole started as the secretary here at Sound Decision for almost 8 years. She realized the work that the specialist did every day was life changing so she decided to pursue her HIS license. Nicole is now a Hearing Instrument Specialist that looks forward to helping you find solutions to your unique needs.

Nicole Sucha, HIS

Sue Lueders

Patient Services Coordinator

I joined the All American Hearing Team in June of 2017 and work at the Sound Decision Hearing office in Norfolk, NE. I moved to Norfolk from Wayne, NE in August of 2016. Working with the Mentally challenged was my passion for over 25 years. Helping them gain the knowledge of their disability and to cope with it in everyday living situations was very rewarding. Now, today, I enjoy helping people hear better.

Sue Lueders

Customer Reviews

To be honest, I was just a little leery of stepping into the office -- my first time and all. When I got in the greetings were the friendly ones that I had hoped for. The staff is very well trained in hospitality and good humor -- that helped me....

Sr. Carole Ann Clark, on Google

No hearing services will ever compare to Nikki. In an on the moment stop or emergency Nikki does her best to help. I have talked to non customers that Nikki has helped. Kudos Nikki. 10 stars

Dave nebraska, on Google

We visited today to see if the hearing aids that belonged to my late mother in law could be used by my father in law. The service was amazing. Nichole is truly a customer servive orientated person. She is my heroπŸ˜ƒ

Jeff Haiston, on Google

Professional help for the hearing impaired. Very knowledgeable and friendly employee's.

Lynn Poppe, on Google

Excellent service on our hearing aids

Kay Labenz, on Google

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