Buying Hearing Aids from a Hearing Aid Specialist vs Big Box Stores

With so many hearing solutions available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right hearing aid for your particular needs. “Big Box” stores have become such a convenient option in today’s market, that some consumers are even turning to them for their hearing health. 

These major corporations may advertise convenience combined with low prices, but there are many sacrifices that come with their over-the-counter hearing aids.

Why Should I Avoid Big Box Stores When Shopping for Hearing Aids?

Professional hearing aid specialists will offer you value beyond just the purchase price of a device. If you are looking for personalized care that will improve your quality of life, choosing a local hearing aid specialist like those here at Sound Decision Hearing is the way to go.

1. Learn More About Your Hearing Loss with a Specialist

Big box stores are able to determine that you need hearing aids, but will not be able to tell you which hearing aids are best for your level of hearing loss and your lifestyle.

While big-box stores may offer hearing aids at a lower price, purchasing them through a Sound Decision Hearing hearing healthcare professional will allow you to customize a solution for your unique situation. One of our specialists will administer an easy hearing test to determine your level of hearing loss, the cause of your hearing loss, and the most promising solution to get you on track to better hearing.

2. Get Comfortable with a Hearing Aid Specialist 

Shopping for hearing aids while making a weekend Costco run might be appealing to those with limited time, but they sacrifice quality as well as comfort. Having your hearing aid test and any necessary follow-up appointments within a large, busy warehouse is not ideal for diagnosis or treatment.

Our specialists at Sound Decision Hearing are providing in-office and at-home care that is both comfortable and convenient. Our mission as a care provider is driven by your individual journey towards hearing wellness. You will be provided with proper, one-on-one care that ensures the best results. 

3. Hearing Aid Specialists Are Better Qualified to Provide Exceptional Care

The bottom line for big-box retailers is profit. Their corporate employees undergo minimal training and are encouraged to focus more on landing the sale than providing you with the care you need and deserve. 

The high level of professional training, educational credentials, and licenses required to be a Doctor of Audiology or other hearing healthcare professional allows us to provide a full range of patient-oriented care. From the initial diagnostic exam and device fitting, to follow-up appointments and counseling, our hearing aid specialists are committed to you throughout your entire journey to hearing wellness.

4. A Hearing Aid Specialist Will Suggest the Best Hearing Aid Technology For You

When big box stores offer to upgrade your purchase with different technologies, they are often working to reach a sales quota — because they are, in fact, salespeople. Your local audiologist has your best interests at heart and knows what apps, accessories, and features are available that can help you thrive in your daily life. 

Many of our patients express the need to connect to their computer or smartphone to keep up with friends, family, and colleagues on Zoom, reduce background noise in crowded places, and send regular updates to those closest to them. Our specialists at Sound Decision Hearing will work to understand your wants and needs and determine the best hearing aid solutions for you. 

5. Hearing Aid Specialists Provide Flexible Evaluation Periods 

Buying a hearing aid from a national chain store usually means you’re stuck with it. Even if they do let you exchange your device, the salesperson won’t have the experience needed to help you find a hearing aid better suited for your specific needs. 

To ensure the device is ideal for your lifestyle, you can expect a risk-free evaluation period with the local hearing aid specialists at Sound Decision Hearing. Our flexibility allows you to find hearing aids you are completely satisfied with. 

6. Hearing Aid Specialists Work With You Throughout the Lifetime of Your Hearing Aids 

Receiving follow-up care or routine maintenance at big discount centers is usually a very long, drawn-out process that requires scheduling months in advance. What seemed like a convenient, one-stop shopping experience can turn into a nightmare for those who need dedicated care.

Sound Decision Hearing hearing aid specialists will be with you on every step of your hearing journey. You can expect on-going and prompt comprehensive care that includes hearing aid evaluations, cleanings, adjustments, and free software updates for the lifetime of your hearing devices.

Get a Free Consultation with Our Hearing Aid Specialists at Sound Decision Hearing

Are you ready to start your journey to better hearing? If you find yourself considering buying hearing aids from a big box store like Costco, stop to think about the level of care you are about to commit to. 

Our local hearing aid specialists are ready to serve you in our Norfolk, NE office or online, from the comfort of your home. Our easy online hearing test will help determine your level of hearing loss and the best solutions for your unique situation. 

Take the first step towards the personalized care you deserve and schedule your free hearing consultation online today.