Personal Audio Amplifier

The hearing aid for people who aren’t ready for a hearing aid

$695.00 / set

Hearing Amplifier
  • Fits invisibly in your inner ear
  • Is ready to wear without visiting your hearing professional
  • Is easy to remove
  • Fraction of the cost of hearing aids

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Product Information

Product Details

Designed for Mild hearing Loss You may be having trouble hearing what people are saying – or are starting to miss out on sounds you once heard – but you’re not sure your ready to wear a hearing aid yet, especially one that people can see. AMP is designed for people with mild hearing loss that just need a little boost.
Small Hearing Devices Try a hearing solution without the major cost commitment with AMP. This small hearing device fits comfortably in your ear canal out of site. It’s designed to be simple to use with a volume adjustment that can be manually changed to meet your hearing needs.
Amazing Sound Quality AMP fits snugly in your ear canal, so only you will know it’s there. It’s comfortable, removable, and ready to wear with or without a visit to your hearing professional. Better yet, AMP’s small size and ear canal placement take advantage of your era’s natural acoustics for a sound quality you need to hear to believe.
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